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“Most news organizations in the U.S. and around the world are in retreat,” wrote Robert Thomson, managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, in a to staff. “But Dow Jones is expanding its reporting resources, rapidly developing its digital content and providing journalism of the highest integrity to an ever larger audience in The Wall Street Journal. ”

Thomson’s memo set forth his new editorial team structure, designed to create greater “co-operation” between print, online, and newswires. that Laurie Hays, deputy managing editor, is leaving.

The real story beneath the memos will be revealed as the Journal’s evolution from specialist to generalist continues. There is something about this structure that reminds one more of a broadcast outlet than a traditional print company.  The so-called “news hub” is designed for speed, not for comfort. As more of the Journal’s old guard departs, we will see how well it can sustain quality and balance as well.

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  1. John Berard on August 3rd, 2008

    Was surfing by and saw this post from June. Ultimately, the Wall Street Journal will likely borrow more from USA Today than break new ground. That’s because as a reader of the paper, I have noticed its shift to a mass market has been accompanied by less insight and more “flashlight.” Those touted resources are illuminating more things but shedding less light on their meaning or implication. One person’s view.

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